There is a big difference

My brother in law owns a roofing company in Westchase Florida. He has been roofing for 20 years and never took a vacation so I told him to go with me to France. I expected him to say no and that is exactly what he did.

I kept at it though and after 6 months and a never ending list of excuses, he finally agreed.

I knew he would be in for a culture shock because he had never gone anyway internationally (Canada doesn’t count) and even flying in plane was a novelty for him.

Last January we got packed and ready to go for 13 days. We flew out of NYC direct to Paris. He thought it was really funny when the pilots and stewardess talked in French and English.

He got to experience customs and got to use his passport for the first time. He was as wide eyed as a kid in a candy store.

We got to our hotel and got settled in. We were both kinda tired so we rested a little and dozed some. That night we went out and found a place to eat some French cuisine which was fantastic.

It was really fun taking him to the sights and it felt like I had seen it the first time all over again. We went all over France on tours and saw beautiful things and people.

One thing he loved to point out was the differences in the roofing material in France. They had a lot more slate and tile than America. He was fascinated with the size and design on the roofs. He said that the roof structure in America would never be able to hold the weight they used in France.

Aside from all the other differences that was the one thing he noticed more than all the other cultural things. I was so glad he went and look forward to taking him on another trip in the future.