Which do you like? An Apartment or a House?

This is a real question. Maybe it just depends on your preference.

Do you like having neighbors right next to your wall in your room? Do you like having to find a parking sport when someone took yours right in from of your unit?

Wohnhäuser in Manhattan, New York City

There are pros of course. Everything else is covered. Granted if you have a good maintenance crew they will be able to address your needs quickly. I remember my AC going out once and they were there that day fixing it.

Of course in France most apartments have just a landlord and then you have to hope they have time to even worry about coming out to address your problem. At least you have wine to drink to help the time pass.

What I enjoyed living in an apartment in Europe is the simpleness of it all. Everything is smaller in comparison to the States. The fridge you are lucky to fit 2 days worth of cold food in there. The bathrooms might as well be a porta potty. The hallways would frighten a anyone with a fear of closed spaces.

But there is a charm to that all in the end. Feels like you are leaving a smaller life within a big city.

However it can wear off and I now like living in a house. Now I appreciate room to work and having a toilet not be touching a wall. I also like having a yard to walk around and enjoy nature without having to get to the nearest park for that experience.

I also like having a driveway for my car and a front porch where I can what is happening in front of me rather than having a one chair porch in the back where all you see is the building in front and an alley below.

I do miss living above a coffee shop though. Nothing like having the sounds and smells wafing up to your room in the morning before you wake.

So I guess I am saying both have their charms and both have their attractions.