Ever Wonder Why?

Ever wonder why a house or apartment was designed the way it was? I often do this.

Why was the front door put to the side of house instead of the middle? 

Why is the kitchen in the front of house instead of in the back? 

How come France is so dirty? Don’t they have any pride in showing off their cities to the world? 

Okay that wasn’t a related question but I still don’t understand the reasoning behind that. If you are looking to be a destination to the world and attract visitors wouldn’t you want it to be attractive? 

That’s it! House’s are designed the way they are because of the attraction factor. Sure many housing subdivisions are just cookie cutter spreads of 3 to 5 designs, but what they are trying to do is attract a certain market. 
  • Familes
  • Singles
  • Retirees
  • Wealthy
  • Yuppies
  • Earthy Crunchy
The market drives design. People would like more windows so you will see more and more places with windows. People like convenience. More and more condo and apartment units will be showing up as well especially as people are working from home.
It also depends where you want to live as well. In the country homes would be more common and less apartments. In the more populated cities and suburbs you will see tinier homes and more apartments.

For me this is what I like in a house

Lots of living Space! 

Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t have to be crazy but I like enough space where you aren’t always feeling like you are in someones else’s space.

Plenty of Windows. 

I like light and good light comes from adequate windows throughout the house. I remember my first apartment and the kitchen didn’t have any windows. It feels like a dungeon. My kitchen now has two windows and more importantly there is one behind the sink so you can watch the neighborhood while washing dishes.

Good storage space.

This is a big one but think first what this means as an American. We love to collect stuff. So if you want a ton of storage space you will end up finding a reason to hang onto things you don’t really need. So while I love being able to have a spot for everything I still like the fact that I don’t have too much stuff being stuffed into places that will never see the light of day.

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