Time to Build

In my last post I talked about getting your plans written down. Well today I was really upset by the news of the railroad wreck in Philly that I want to talk about that for a bit.

Whenever I traveled abroad I would often take the train. It was by far the fastest way to get around Europe, China and the UK. Over here in the States I haven’t really taken the train much so hearing about this train derailment is really saddening.
I feel bad for all the families involved who have to suffer through this tragedy. Life is very fragile and you just never know when the literal track will end. It really gets me thinking about life and why I choose to do the things I do.
I spent a few extra moments giving my kid a longer hug good night and spent extra time in conversation. Let them know you are important. Make the time to put down the non-essential things and focus on what is important.

For me it would be a waste if we never got to do the things we wanted to do in life and our lives ended prematurely, Go after it and be genuine in life. I’ll get back to Apartments and Homes tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.