Well I decided to venture out and start writing about traveling abroad and things I’ve learned about housing in general and housing specifically.

Housing can obviously be anything. I personally live in the States but I always liked the way apartments are designed in France. In fact in France you would call them flats. Not sure why but you can always look that up easily these days.

So now that you know my overall intent here I want to start with two things.

When a house is built it first needs a reputable contractor who is licensed and and insured. Having one who has at least 10 years experience is a plus as well. There is nothing worse than having someone who is still learned the ins and outs of building a proper foundation. It can be disastrous.

Secondly you’ll want to make sure the contractor has a good team of sub-contractors he knows and trust to get the job done right. These contractors will take care of the plumbing, cement, roofing, electrical and finishing like tile or molding and paint.

This holds true for any housing in any country. Materials may be different and the way to measure is definitely different. But the expertise is still the name of the game.

In my next post I will address the planning phase where the creativity really flows.