Building it Right

I started out with the first two things you need to find when building a place to live in my last post.

Today I want to talk about drawing up the plans for your dwelling. Like anything we wish to create we come up with an idea first. Then you have to get those ideas on paper. (Did you ever come up with an amazing idea and forgot to write it down? Don’t make that mistake)

You can decide to make your humble abode a nice little one story, one-bedroom home where you can keep in simple. Or your may want to build a huge apartment complex that can house hundreds of people at the same time. Whatever your goals are you need to get it down on paper.

Whenever I travel I love taking the architecture around me and think of the people who took the time to draw it and design the interior. You really can see the individuality in each building as if you were observing paintings at a museum.

Your next step is finding an architect who can get your idea officially down in the correct way. You see your idea may seem amazing and will just be the ultimate dream spot to live in, you can’t just build it without knowing if it will be safe and withstand the elements. Which is why we want a professional who will know the rules of building and lead you in the right direction.

Of course you may just be a rebel and feel the need to defy the constructs of societal norms and make your dream come true. I say go for it! You only live once as far as I know and you never know if something will work unless you give it a try.

house under construction on blueprints - building project